Jess Gabor Sexy - Hot Seat (2017) HD 1080p

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Description: Jess Gabor of Shamelss fame sitting on a chair in the middle of a group of girls as a guy in front of her opens his towel and has her grab some lotion and start rubbing it on him before he directs her to give him a handjob and then continues standing there as she strokes him while she looks around the room uninterested until she focuses in on Carmela Zumbado of YOU fame and stares into her eyes now getting off on it while continuing to masturbate the guy until suddenly he accidentally ejaculates all over her face and chest causing her to momentarily freak out and then become overjoyed with excitement as she jumps out of the chair wiping his semen off of her face and showing it to all the other girls as they crowd around her to get a look including at one point Jess giving Carmela a high five with it on her hands.

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