Lena Dunham - Girls (2017) s06e01 HD 1080p

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Description: Lena Dunham standing outdoors as she pulls down her wet suit to her waist, exposing her breasts and a bit of her bush. She then stands with her hands on her hips talking to a guy.

Lena Dunham sitting on a chair on a balcony near the beach, sunning herself in a swimsuit and pulling the bottom aside to expose her bush so that she can tan her vagina.

Lena Dunham making out with a guy before lifting her dress off over her head to go topless. She then joins the guy on the bottom of a bunk bed, lying on her back before he flips her over onto her stomach so he can have sex with her from behind. They then continue with Lena on her back underneath him, her breasts in view once again. 

Lena Dunham naked as she wakes up in bed next to a guy on top of a bunk bed and leans over the edge to spit up. We see her breasts as she talks to the guy while on her side, then get a view of her butt as she swings herself fully nude over the edge of the bed and climbs down the ladder. Finally, we see breasts and bush as she stands talking to the guy while he remains in bed.

Lena Dunham lying on her back in bed as a guy wakes up next to her with his hand resting on one of her breasts, the other in view. They talk for a while and after a bit, he removes his hand so we get a full topless view of Lena. The guy then begins to tickle her and she briefly lifts the sheets to give us a flash of her underwear as well.

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