Charlotte Le Bon Sexy - Le secret des banquises (2016) HD 1080p

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Description: Charlotte Le Bon in a bra and panties as a guy in a lab coat takes some pictures of her and then examines her a bit. 

Charlotte Le Bon appearing in a number of different acrobatic sexual positions in a backlit room surrounded by plastic containers. The end up pressed up against some glass. Though their bodies are mostly seen in the shadows.

Charlotte Le Bon in a bra and panties as a guy holds her up with just his arms and she balances with arms out. We then see him trying to do the same with Charlotte on her back this time and the guy using his feet to hold her above him.  

Charlotte Le Bon lying on her side on a table in a bra, showing cleavage with some sensors taped to her chest and stomach. A guy walks up to her and rolls her onto her back to look at her before rolling her back onto her side and leaving. 

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