Michelle Rodriguez, Caitlin Gerard Nude - The Assignment (2016) HD 1080p

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Description: Michelle Rodriguez in a shower, made up to look like a man in front. She steps out of the shower and we see her bare butt, though it's all prosthetics on the front side.

Michelle Rodriguez of The Fast and the Furious fame in a bath robe that she opens up to expose her breasts, which she looks at and grabs with her hand. She then moves over to a full-length mirror, where she opens the robe further to show full-frontal nudity before putting her hand to feel between her legs. We then see Michelle throwing some furniture around before showing full-frontal nudity again while in front of the mirror once more.

Michelle Rodriguez wearing a bath robe that hangs open to show her breasts a few times as she takes some money out of a cash register and then wields a baseball bat.

Michelle Rodriguez showing her right breast as she stands in front of a mirror and takes some strips of duct tape to wrap around her chest before putting on a tank top. 

Michelle Rodriguez and Caitlin Gerard sitting next to each other on a sofa and making out in this lesbian kissing scene. 

Caitlin Gerard emerging naked from a shower behind Michelle Rodriguez, who is standing in front of a mirror taping herself up. Caitlin shows bare breasts as she steps toward Michelle, and then her bare butt from the side as she gets closer and then wraps in a towel as Michelle turns to talk to her. 

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