Marion Cotillard Nude - Chloé (1996)

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Description: Allied star Marion Cotillard in a bra and panties as a guy reaches around to unhook the bra and we first see cleavage as she crosses her arms and holds the bra on. A couple girls then guide her under some blue light, where they dance with her and remove her bra and panties as some guys watch. Marion shows full nudity, dancing alone under the light when the two girls leave her. Eventually, she covers up with a sheet.

Marion Cotillard stepping toward a mattress on the floor as a guy unwraps her from a sheet, revealing her butt first, followed by her breasts and bush as she lays down fully nude. The guy then lays down on top of her and they make out.

Marion Cotillard having a guy unbutton her sweater and reveal a pink bra underneath. The guy then kneels in front of her and kisses her stomach before she runs away. We then see a different guy pushing her into another room where he knocks her to the floor and strips her clothes off, giving us a fully nude view of her breasts and bush, followed by her butt as the guy picks her up and puts her on a mattress on the floor. We then see the guy whipping her with a belt for a bit before leaving the room.

Marion Cotillard lying on a mattress on the floor when a guy leans over her, pulling a sheet down to reveal both breasts before we get a close-up of just her head as the guy has sex with her. Afterward, we see her lying naked on her side on the mattress, seen from behind.

Marion Cotillard having a guy unbutton her sweater and begin to lower her bodice underneath, revealing cleavage and then her nipples as she lays down on a mattress on the floor. The guy then disappears from view as he kisses his way down her stomach and the camera zooms in on Marion's face.

Marion Cotillard in a bra and panties as she escapes from a guy and rushes into another room, stripping her underwear off to show full nudity as she takes a shower, her breasts jiggling as she rubs all over her body with her hands. Afterward, she steps out and is wrapped in a towel by a friend.

Marion Cotillard standing near a wall when a guy opens up her shirt to expose her breast. We then see full-frontal from Marion as she lies on her back and the guy kisses his way up from her bush. Lastly, we see her naked in his lap with her arms around him as she and the guy have sex.

Marion Cotillard lying on her back on a mattress when a guy pulls her skirt off and reveals her bush. The guy then climbs on top of her and has sex with her, at first forcefully before slowing it down and kissing her.
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