Marion Cotillard Nude - Mal De Pierres (2016) HD 1080p

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Description: Marion Cotillard is standing thigh-deep in some water in a river with her dress hiked up to expose her bush. 

Marion Cotillard is lying on her side in bed wearing a long sweater that is pulled up to expose most of her right butt cheek while she reads a book. We then see her sitting naked on a chair at a small table, showing her bare butt from behind. 

Marion Cotillard is walking down a hallway and pulling her robe off to go naked before she turns the corner. We then see her still nude in a sauna as a guy walks in to join her. He helps her uncross her arms to expose her breasts before he leans over to suck on her nipple. We then see her in bed with him, rolling around naked as they make out, the guy putting his hand down between her legs as we see her bush peeking out from behind his hand while he fingers her. Lastly, we briefly see Marion and the guy intertwined on a rug on the floor while having sex. 

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